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Annual Campaign

GCC provides extraordinary opportunities for its students which are sustained by the generous support of our alumni, friends, and community members. These gifts support a variety of needs from student scholarships to program innovations. Each and every gift to GCC has a unique impact on the life of the college and the students, and is deeply appreciated.

United States Department of Education Endowment Challenge Grant

In fall 2009, GCC was awarded one of a very few number of Endowment Challenge Grants. For five successive years, the Endowment Challenge Grant provides a dollar for dollar match for every dollar raised on behalf of students in need, up to $80,000 a year. This allows the Foundation to raise a minimum of $160,000 a year, and the endowment will be increased to $800,000 after five years.

The current annual fund raising campaign budgets for:

Support of scholarships and programs          $379,000

And the endowment challenge Grant            $  80,000

Total Fund Raising Campaign Goal                $459,000


While fundraising, the Foundation faces five compelling challenges:

Academic Excellence

GCC is committed to recognizing and encouraging as well as providing financial support to students with exceptional talent and leadership potential. By encouraging top local students to begin their education here, GCC enhances its competitive position while these students become prepared to lead our communities in the future.


    35 President's Scholarships - $85,100
    20 Honors Program Stipends - $6,000
    40 Special Talent Scholarships - $54,250
    30 Recruitment Grants  -  $14,250


Access to Higher Educational Opportunities

While many financial aid opportunities exist for students, several hundred prospective students cannot begin or continue their education each year due to financial strains. The Foundation works to provide a Genesee Community College education to all qualified and deserving students living in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties, regardless of their ability to afford a college education.


    77 Need-Based Scholarships - $56,700
    42 Emergency Assistance Grants - $12,500


Economic Vitality

The region's industries and service organizations are continually threatened by a shortage of highly skilled employees and managers, specifically in the health care and technology-related fields. The Foundation works to combat this threat by promoting economic vitality and growth of industry in the region through new scholarships in fields critical to the well-being of the communitites. This will allow for a stronger local workforce as well as a strong local business.


    25 Corporate and Organization Scholarships - $23,500
    70 Career Program Scholarships - $35,000


Community Involvement

In order to maintain a competitve position, it is important to encourage strong community involvement. Because of this, the Foundation is committed to providing new avenues for community and volunteer involvement.


    70 Community-Sponsored Scholarships and Grants - $7,200
    75 Alumni Legacy Awards - $12,000
    70 Citizenship and Recognition Awards - $20,000
    10 President's Innovation Awards - $37,500
    10 Home Schooled Awards - $10,000


Capital Resourses

Due to a diminishing amount of capital resources available in higher education, the Foundation works to provide the capital resources that foster superior education and service to students at GCC. Past campaigns include "Investing in Our Future" to construct a new technology building and "Build a Legacy initiative" to help construct a new student union.


    Capital Support - $5,000