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Student Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations aren't required, but they provide plenty of exciting opportunity for you at GCC, including:

  • Resume building
  • Interesting workshops and activities for you to attend
  • The potential to travel to conferences
  • A supplement to your class work

How to Get Involved at GCC

  • Regularly check Genesis for postings of upcoming events, programs and workshops for you to attend.
  • Come to our Info Fair in the beginning of the semester, where clubs host a table in the Forum at the Batavia campus to showcase what they're all about.
  • Join the Student Advisory Board.
  • Join our Campus Activities Board.
  • Find the opportunities that interest you from over 50 clubs and organizations below. Are we missing a club which highlights your interest? You can start a club!

Clubs at GCC

African American Student Union

Advisor(s): Christie McGee-Ross, Michael Gosselin

The Union provides a venue for students to explore academic, professional, and social opportunities, while promoting the appreciation of African-American culture to the wider college community.  All are welcome!

Alpha Epsilon Gamma (AEG)

Advisor(s): Jennifer Newell

A service organization dedicated to promoting service, sisterhood, and love. AEG develops character for a lifetime.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Advisor(s): Chip Green

The purpose of the Dactylology Club is to broaden the experience of students and staff with the /deaf community through communication, experience and events.

Anime Club

Advisor(s): Tracy Ford

The purpose of this organization is to discuss anime and messages within it, as well as to converse on the anime industry and voice acting. The club also shows changes in manga and comic styles over the years and teach techniques in co-play and role-play.

Apple Core

Advisor(s): Pamela Swarts

Joins together other Macintosh users. The club members will have the opportunities to visit companies, experiment with technology, and build web sites through digital art and graphical design.

Art Club

Advisor(s): Maureen (Moi) Dugan, Heather Jones

To create opportunities for students to be exposed to professional artists and their works, and to explore other art avenues to help in deciding career paths. The club looks forward to monthly workshops and trips to art galleries and exhibitions.

Business Forum

Advisor(s): Rick Dudkowski

Provides students with opportunities to network and develop contacts critical to professional success. Any student interested in a business career will benefit from participating in events and trips to major business centers.

CAB (Campus Activities Board)

Advisor(s): Clifford Scutella, Kristen Mruk, Kathryn Pyzik, Lorraine Briggs

CAB provides the majority of the social and cultural programs at GCC. They sponsor a number of activities, entertainers, lecturers, and performing artists as well as spectacular events and student travel programs.

CEO Club

Advisor(s): Amy Conley, Lina LaMattina

CEO Club seeks to inform and inspire entrepreneurship within all GCC students. Students experience how to lead and ensure business success through event planning, field trips, and other networking opportunities.

Christian Students United (CSU)

Advisor(s): Debra Crossett

CSU Club is a nondenominational student organization where students can find strength through Christian fellowship, activities and events. Some of our activities include weekly meetings on Thursdays at 12:30pm in room S103, annual cupcake open house, Thanksgiving luncheon, and BASIC young adults three day conference in Rochester, NY. All are welcome to join the fun.

Computer Repair Club

Advisor(s): James Bucki, Robert Swinarski, Jr.

From video games to career shadowing, the Computer & Technology Club at Genesee Community College gives students a hands-on opportunity to share their interest in technology with fellow students, faculty and community members. All interests are welcome: The CTC hosts “Game Night,” the annual all-night video game competition and also a Computer Repair Clinic for faculty.


Advisor(s): Jennifer Newell


COURIER Newspaper

Advisor(s): Kristine Dassinger

Student editors and journalists produce regular editions which focus on a variety of topics involving the campus community. Students are encouraged to explore the techniques of journalism, reporting, and editing.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor(s): Barry Garigen, Karen Wicka

Heightens the interest and awareness of issues in and relating to the field of Criminal Justice.

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

Advisor(s): Rick Dudkowski, Donna Ehrhart

GCC's DECA Club is part of a national organization for students interested in pursuing a career in business, marketing, or fashion retailing. The club exposes students to various career skills and activities through field trips and the annual College Fashion Show.


Advisor(s): Maureen Leupold, Tom Klotzbach, Marirose Ethington

Helps raise environmental awareness within the campus community. The club demonstrtaes how simple and effective it is to beautify and preserve our planet's resources.

Education Club

Advisor(s): Christine Belongia, Jodi Harvey

This club encourages and provides peer interaction, career preparation, and leadership opportunities to future educators.

Film Club

Advisor(s): Barry Chow

Film Club welcomes all students to participate; for communications students, they will have the opportunity to practice what they learn from production classes, for others, they can be involved in digital film making as producers, writers, actors and more.

Forum Players Theater Company

Advisor(s): Maryanne Arena

The theatrical organization of GCC. Students have an opportunity to experience acting and producing in a dramatic setting. Forum players produce several shows a year. Students can also compete at the American College Theatre Festival, and go on professional auditions.

Game Club

Advisor(s): James Habermas

To allow students to get together to play and share their knowledge of various games.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Advisor(s): Candice Vacin, Paul Brew

Offers support and empowers gay and lesbian students, faculty, and staff. They work to educate the campus about sexual orientation issues.

HCT (Here Comes Treble)

Advisor(s): Lorraine Briggs

Here Comes Treble is an Acappella group that provides quality entertainment to music lovers at GCC. The group allows musically talented students to join together to enjoy their love for music. HCT represents the spirit and creativity of singers at GCC and is dedicated to providing performances of original Acappella arrangements.

Help Save Our Youth

Advisor(s): JoNelle Toriseva

This organization promotes the community at large by having a grass root approach to social issues. They propose an innovative way to lift morale and stimulate students. The main ideal is to stimulate students in having a voice and that they impact each other. Their purpose is to rejuvenate young people’s thinking pattern and get them excited about life while reclaiming good morals and values. All of this will allow our youth an awareness of creativity when it comes to social issues.

ISO (International Student Organization)

Advisor(s): Jenny Weatherall, Kathleen Klaiber

Assists GCC's international students in making the transition into a new environment. The group promotes cultural awareness, while serving as a support network for the educational and social development of foreign students.

Literary Club

Advisor(s): JoNelle Toriseva, Cynthia Hagelberger

Highlights the creativity that exists at GCC. Students work to explore their imaginations and utilize writing as a form of expression.

Math Club

Advisor(s): Mary Knappen, Christopher Kemp

The club provides students who have an interest in mathematics with a social connection to like-minded students. The members have varied opportunities to promote and foster an interest in and appreciation of math at both the college and pre-college levels.

Multi-Cultural Communications Club (Toastmasters)

Advisor(s): Jacqueline Di Bella, John McGowan

Participants learn how to give impromptu speeches, present prepared speeches, and improve their communication skills in a supportive environment. Toastmasters helps remove the fear of public speaking and teaches you skills that will help members become more successful in their futures.

Native American Student Group

Advisor(s): Victoria Campbell, Dolores Chiocco, Warren Skye, Jr.

The Group provides academic, social, cultural and leadership opportunities for Native American students. Anyone interested in Native American culture and contemporary issues is also welcome to participate.

New Age Circle

Advisor(s): Nichola Lerczak

New Age Circle club provides students interested in alternative spirituality with a place to share information and ideas. We provide support in the form of educational workshops, seasonal celebrations and discussions. New Age Circle club also exists to spread awareness to the larger student body about non-mainstream religious paths, such as Paganism/Wicca/Buddhism and others.

Nurses Club

Advisor(s): Patricia Kendall-Cargill, Catherine Wall

The purpose of the Nurse's Club is to promote leadership and comradery in Nursing and to encourage community involvement.

Office Technology Club

Advisor(s): Jean Chenu

This club is for students pursuing a career as a Administrative Assistant and/or Medical Administrative Assistant. The club gives students an opportunity to get behind-the-scene knowledge of working in an office environment.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Advisor(s): Karen Huffman-Kelly, Teresa Sukiennicki

The purpose of this club is to relieve the stress of every day school life and promote healthy outdoor activity. It will also educate its members with proper etiquette and safety precautions in a fun and educational environment.

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)

Advisor(s): Tom Priester, Kristen Mruk, Sammy Naji

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for students in 2 year colleges world-wide. The society promotes and provides academic excellence, leadership opportunities, service projects and fellowship amongst members. To be eligible for our chapter, Alpha Iota Upsilon, students must have 12 hours of Genesee Community College credit, an overall 3.6 GPA to be inducted, and a 3.3 GPA to maintain membership.

Photo Club

Advisor(s): Joe Ziolkowski

Photo Club is for anyone interested in photography and those interested in learning more about it. You will be social engaged with people interested in exploring the language of photography. You will learn new techniques and gain experience in using your camera, understanding light, editing, posting and printing photography. We will be finding ways to reach out the college and community to share and exhibit out photographic efforts.

Physical Education Club

Advisor(s): Rebecca Dziekan

Established to promote the professional position and interests of Phys. Ed. Students, and to explore options related to further education and career opportunities in the physical educational field.

Polysomnographic Technology Club

Advisor(s): Marshann Thomas

The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness and visibility for the program and the field; to raise funds for use in assisting member students with the fees for attending workshops to advance necessary knowledge and skills; and to raise funds for the fees for examinations to be taken at the completion of the curriculum

PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant Club)

Advisor(s): Christopher Caputi

Promotes awareness of Physical Therapy throughout the campus community. The club provides programs and events to enhance the knowledge and self-confidence among constituents.

RASO (Returning Adult Student Organization)

Advisor(s): Michael Garrett,

This organization will provide a forum for students over the age of 24 who are returning to college after being employed or in the armed services. We will work to develop contacts, network with others who have similar concerns and interest, and offer support and guidance to adults that have returned to college.

Respect Campaign Committee

Advisor(s): Ellen Brokaw, Kristen Mruk

The Respect Campaign is an initiative of the Student Government Association and is a joint effort between Student Activities and College Village. Its goal is to promote and create a more respectful environment at GCC and College Village among students, faculty and staff, and it encourages respect toward all people, the environment and self. It also focuses on service to those in need. The committee coordinates various programs throughout the year and anyone is welcome to join or contribute new ideas!

Respiratory Care Practitioners Club

Advisor(s): Josh Escudero, Lezli Giancarlo

Established to support the activities that are of interest to the Respiratory Care students. The club works to raise the awareness of respiratory health throughout the community.

Rube Goldberg Club

Advisor(s): Michael Crittenden

The purposes of the organization are to build a “Rube Goldberg machine” which will be entered in competitions against other colleges while developing students’ skills in areas such as creativity, teamwork, and persistence. The club also promotes interests in careers that involve designing and building things and helps students make friends and have FUN!

Student Advisory Board (SAB) – Formerly Student Government Association

Advisor(s): Clifford Scutella, Kristen Mruk, Jennifer Newell

SAB serves as representation for all GCC students and their collective interests. SAB promotes the cultural, educational and social needs of the campus community. This governing body takes responsibility in the decision-making process of the College.

SHAG (Student Health Awareness Group)

Advisor(s): Amanda Bow, Jeannie Burdick

Our core purpose is to promote campus wellness and to offer relevant health related information and raise campus awareness. SHAG conducts campus wide programs, holds events, display tables, workshops, as well as provide sponsored speakers and brochures to help spread awareness of healthy living.

Visit our Facebook group.

Ski Club

Advisor(s): Barry Chow, Michelle Abdella

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities to members to ski and snowboard while providing opportunities for developing friendships and camaraderie.

STARs (Student Telecounseling Admissions Representatives)

Advisor(s): Jodie Kinsey

STARs stay in contact with student recruits, applicants, and continuing students. Through the efforts of the STARs, students have a better understanding of our college and what opportunities we have to offer.

Student Paralegal Association

Advisor(s): Gregory Dalton

Established to enhance and promote the professional position and interests of Paralegal students. The club conducts seminars to supplement legal education.

Student Survival Club

Advisor(s): Sammi Naji

Serves to provide students with useful information about college life, GCC departments and programs, and the local area, in order to help them “survive” college life here at GCC! Ask about our Fireside Chats!

Tourism Club

Advisor(s): Amy Slusser

Provides career information on Tourism & Hospitality industries through student planned trips and activities.

TV Club

Advisor(s): Barry Chow

TV Club produces various productions in and out of our High Definition (HD) Digital TV studio, we need talents, producers, hosts, guests, and your ideas. Join us and you might become the next internet sensation; or if you prefer, working behind the scene with our Communications student crew.

Veterans Club

Advisor(s): Clifford Scutella

This organization is designed to provide friendship and camaraderie among its members. The club also provides a place to talk to other veterans of the same generation and help ease the stress military life created.

Veterinary Technicians Club

Advisor(s): Carolyn Caccamise, Bruce Ingersoll, and Joann Tetlow

Established to advance and improve the expertise of the veterinary technician. To further create and maintain a professional image of the profession and to promote the interest of veterinary technicians through the legislature.

Western Art History Club

Advisor(s): Joyce Chizick

The Western Art History Club provides opportunities for students to explore our artistic cultural heritage through gallery visits and student planned field trips and activities.

WGCC Radio Station

Advisor(s): Valerie Bello

90.7FM is an FCC-licensed radio station, exclusively run by students at GCC. Students get hands-on experience in broadcasting, as the management, DJs, and promotions staff. 90.7FM carries a wide variety of music programming, talk shows, and GCC sports, and hosts many activities and events on campus.