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Fall 2021

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BUS205 - Business Law 1

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Studies the impact of law on the business environment. Topics include ethics, contracts, sales, torts, consumer protection, criminal law, civil and criminal procedure, litigation, and the court system.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Identify the basic ethical issues that may arise in business situations.
2. Diagram the basic structure of a typical state court system and the federal judicial system.
3. Identify and describe the four (4) sources of law in our judicial system.
4. Identify the essential concepts underlining our system of criminal law.
5. Identify five (5) principal intentional torts and be able to discuss their essential elements.
6. Identify the four (4) elements of the tort of negligence and compare them to those of a strict liability tort.
7. Identify five (5) principal crimes and to be able to discuss their essential elements.
8. Identify and describe the six (6) elements required for the formation of a contract.
9. Identify five (5) exceptions to the Statute of Frauds.
10. Identify five (5) methods by which a contract can be discharged.
11. Identify four (4) types of contract remedies.
12. Distinguish how contracts are different pursuant to UCC Article 2.
13. Identify and describe the laws of warranties, product liability and consumer protection.

Effective Term: Spring 2020