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Fall 2018

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CIS215 - Web Scripting

Credits: 4

Catalog Description: Introduces scripting languages, using them to accomplish a variety of tasks with an emphasis on dynamic web page generation. Students will work with both server-side and client-side languages, and should plan sufficient time to complete the necessary programming projects using the college's computing facilities. Spring only. Prerequisite: CIS125.

Lecture: 4 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon successful completion of this course as documented through writing, objective testing, laboratory practice, and/or classroom discussion, the student will be able to:

1. Write a simple script in a modern scripting language and execute it at the shell prompt.

2. Write a simple script in a modern scripting language and execute it on a web server by accessing the URL of this program in a web browser.

3. Effectively use scalar variables, arrays and hashes (associative arrays) to solve programming problems.

4. Effectively use conditional statements and loops to solve programming problems. *

5. Write scripts that will create distinct, dynamically generated web pages depending on different POST and GET requests. *

6. Write scripts that will process and validate web form data, where this data may come from any or all of the following sources: text areas, check boxes, radio buttons, selection lists and hidden fields.

7. Use the scripting language's documentation (printed and on-line) to investigate and effectively use the scripting language's built-in functions and/or subroutines.

8. Effectively use regular expressions to solve programming problems.

9. Write user-defined functions and/or subroutines.

10. Write scripts that will perform basic input/output operations on files on the filesystem.

11. Execute basic SQL queries on a database.

12. Write a script that will perform basic SQL queries on a database.

13. Write client-side scripts to execute code based on browser events.

* This course objective has been identified as a student learning outcome that must be formally assessed as part of the College's Comprehensive Assessment Plan. All faculty teaching this course must collect the required date (see Assessing Student Learning Outcomes form) and submit the required analysis and documentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Assessment and Special Projects.

Content Outline:
1. Introduction to Scripting Languages
2. Introduction to Web Scripting
3. Strings and Variables
4. Manipulating Text
5. Truth and Logic
6. Processing Web Forms
7. Loops and Arrays
8. Functions
9. Advanced Form Processing
10. Introduction to Databases and SQL
11. Issuing SQL statements from inside scripts
12. Cookies and Regular Expressions
13. Introduction to Javascript
14. Event Processing
15. AJAX

Effective Term: Fall 2010