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Fall 2021

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PED135 - Hip-Hop Dance

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Develops awareness of movement in different levels and space. Focuses on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence. Derived from a combination of jazz funk and street jazz, this style of dance requires high energy, attention to detail and an understanding of complex rhythms. Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the art of hip-hop dance through physical exercise, floor work, partnering, and floor movement to better understand the technique of hip-hop. Using movement improvisation and choreographed work, and researching its origins, students will understand the history, use of, and terms of hip-hop dance.

Lecture: 2 hrs.

Lab: 2 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Perform hip-hop motor skills (glide, top rocks, heels, ball changes, run, jump, grapevine).
2. Perform arm and finger tuts in modern-day hip-hop.
3. Practice different levels of movement (high, middle, low).
4. Choreograph a daily warm-up routine.
5. Choreograph a solo hip-hop routine.
6. Discuss the influence of modern-day hip-hop on society.
7. Write an informal review of a live hip-hop concert.

Effective Term: Fall 2019