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Fall 2021

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PED258 - Sport Marketing

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Introduces students to marketing, promotion and advertisement, sales, and the elements of the marketing mix as they pertain to the sport enterprise, including the coverage of decision making and planning from the sport manager’s perspective and sponsorship strategies utilized in the sports industry. Specific topics include: the nature of sport marketing, studies of sport consumers and consumer behaviors, data based marketing research, the sport product, managing sport brands, licensing, pricing and promotion, sales, electronic media, public relations, and the marketing mix. Also examined will be the legal aspects of sports marketing and ideas for future trends.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Describe the five P's of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Public Relations).
2. Discuss the strategic steps in a marketing program.
3. Analyze the relationship between marketing and consumer behavior.
4. Discuss the legal aspects of sport marketing.
5. Develop a specific sport marketing plan.
6. Analyze marketing campaigns.
7. Utilize the sport marketing mix strategy to market a product.

Effective Term: Fall 2019