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Fall 2021

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PED277 - Sport Facility Management

Credits: 3

Catalog Description: Introduces students to Sport Facility Management, Facility Development, Facility Systems and Operations, Facility Administration and Event and Activity Management. Specific topics include History and Future of Sport Facilities, Facility Management Basics, Human Resources, Facility Planning, Site, Design and Construction, Maintenance Systems, Sport Facility Operations, Marketing and Sales, Finance and Budget, Legal Responsibilities and Security, and Sport Facility Preparation and Event Management.

Lecture: 3 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Define the responsibilities of a Facility Manager.
2. Explain the major functions of the Human Resources officer.
3. Identify the major factors to consider when planning the construction of a Sport Facility.
4. Describe all aspects of a sporting event which may include: the process of acquisition management, supervision or analysis and evaluation a sporting event.
5. Examine critically examine the maintenance systems within a building such as: how they operate, strategies for maximizing efficiency or effectiveness.
6. Identify the steps to take to ensure that venues are in the best condition for events.
7. Develop a maintenance plan for a facility.
8. Discuss sport facility finance.
9. Conduct a capital project analysis of various building options.
10. Analyze risk management techniques to make facilities safer.
11. Identify the steps involved in implementing a crowd management program.
12. Develop an Emergency Action Plan to respond to a crisis.

Effective Term: Fall 2019