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Fall 2018

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PLG255 - Paralegal Internship

Credits: 2

Catalog Description: Provided opportunity to use and refine paralegal, organization and communication skills in a supervised, law-related work site. Prerequisite: PLG 253 and the consent of the Program Director.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, as documented by time sheets and written assignments, students will be able to:

1.Prepare correspondence relative to a client's case.

2.Arrange and organize clients' files.

3.Observe and describe the administrative aspects and organizational dimensions of the internship site.

4.Illustrate the proper techniques for filling out time sheets.

5.Appraise their career goals and career option.

6.Describe at least three (3) job related attitudes and work habits that ensure a successful career.

7.Describe one (1) example of the application of legal and professional principles of ethics.

8.Acquire at least two (2) new professional contacts.

9.Create a portfolio of at least five (5) writing samples.

* 10. Describe in a detailed written assignment consisting at a minimum of five (5) pages the
personal and professional benefits gained by the internship experience.

11.Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and communications skills as documented by the
evaluation of the intern site supervisor.

12.Demonstrate the ability to apply substantive legal principles to actual situations.

13.Employ professional interview techniques and obtain relevant facts during a client interview.

14.Maintain and use a law library.

* These course objectives have been identified as student learning outcomes that must be formally assessed as part of the College Comprehension Assessment Plan. All faculty teaching this course must collect the required data and submit the required analysis and documentation at the conclusion of the semester to the Office of Assessment and Special Projects.

Content Outline:
The exact topic and subject areas will vary from internship site to internship site, but the learning outcomes and course objections will be demonstrated as outlined.

Effective Term: Spring 2006