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Fall 2021

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VET101 - Intro to Veterinary Technology

Credits: 2

Catalog Description: Catalog Description: Emphasis will be placed on veterinary medical terminology with an understanding of the construction and analysis of words based on knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, root words, and combining forms. Recognition of the common species of domestic animals and the common breeds within each species. Students will develop an understanding of common husbandry practices and terms used that apply to each species. Fall only. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Veterinary Technology program. Corequisites: VET 100, BIO 123 and BIO LB3.

Lecture: 2 hrs.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):
Upon the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Identify common domestic animal species which could include cows, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, and pigs.
2. Identify the common breeds within each species.
3. Describe common animal husbandry practices.
4. Define specific terms used within the common domestic animal species.
5. Define commonly used veterinary medical abbreviations.
6. Analyze medical terms based on common root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Effective Term: Fall 2019