About Inclusive Excellence

Strategic Plan

Genesee Community College is committed to celebrating diversity, ensuring equity, and creating an environment where all of our students, faculty, and staff feel valued and included. With a promise to focus on these efforts, one of the five priorities of our new Strategic Plan (2018-2023) is to, “Cultivate a community that fosters respect and appreciation for individual and group differences. Demonstrate our commitment to the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout all endeavors.” The specific objectives we hope to achieve are as follows:

  • Increase recruitment, retention, and completion of underrepresented student populations.
  • Create opportunities to help students develop competencies associated with equity, diversity, and inclusion within courses, certificates, and/or degree programs.
  • Expand co-curricular and student life opportunities that will foster interactions to help students develop competencies associated with diversity, inclusion, global citizenship, social justice, equity, and community fairness.
  • Increase employment and retention of underrepresented populations.
  • Enhance the cultural awareness, skills, and competencies of employees.

Students in the Student Success Center

Inclusive Excellence Committee

The Inclusive Excellence Committee (IEC) (formerly known as the Diversity Council) is comprised of voluntary members of faculty, staff, and students who seek to support and promote diversity initiatives at the college. It was created by Joanna Barefoot in 2011, with her dream of opening a multicultural resource center on campus.

Membership and accomplishments have ebbed and flowed over the years, with significant momentum building in the last two years, under the leadership of chair Kate Klaiber, secretary Kristen Mruk, researcher Candice Vacin, and outreach provider Nicki Lerczak. They serve as a resource for administration, making formal recommendations since 2016. They also support the senate's ad-hoc Diversity Council which meets with President Sunser, administrators, and interested faculty/staff monthly during the academic year.

If you would like to join the Inclusive Excellence Committee or request resources, please contact Kate Klaiber at kmklaiber@genesee.edu.