LGBTQ+ Resources

“All Gender” Bathrooms

Here at Genesee Community College, we recognize that having a bathroom where one feels safe and comfortable is of high importance to many of our students. Currently, we have two “All Gender” bathrooms on campus. One can be found in the lobby of the Stuart Steiner Theatre, near the entrance of the gallery. And the second one can be found in the Richard Call Arena.

Student at commencement looking at camera

Preferred First Name Policy

Genesee Community College recognizes that you may want to use a first name that is different from your legal name. Therefore we have created a “Preferred Name Procedure” which allows students to use their preferred name in MyGCC, Flexible Registration, DegreeWorks, and in Self-Service Banner for advisee listings, class rosters, and grade submission forms. In order to change your name, you must fill out the Preferred Name Request and take it to the Records Office, which is on the second floor of the Student Success Center.

There are some limitations to using your preferred name, which should be noted and prepared for:

  • Official records, documents, and mailed correspondence will be in your legal name. This includes diplomas, college ID cards, financial records, and academic transcripts.
  • You may only change your name once an academic year.
  • GCC reserves the right to deny a request if the name is trademarked, associated with a public figure, or may legally misrepresent you.