Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

Development Process

The 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan is based on input received from seven separate college forums where over 150 participants (including faculty, staff, students, high school administrators, Board of Trustee members, Foundation Board members, and GLOW region community members) came together. These groups generated ideas based on critical data they reviewed relating to current remediation rates, changing GLOW region demographics, completion rates, funding rates, and enrollment trends.

The results of the open forums were categorized and presented to a Steering Committee consisting of thirty-three (33) individuals representing the above constituents. Based on the over one thousand ideas proposed at these open forums, the Steering Committee was charged with developing a core set of Strategic Priorities supported by Core Objectives which together form the 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan. The President and his Cabinet were also instrumental in providing regular oversight and input as the Strategic Plan was being developed. Over the next five years, this Strategic Plan will be used as a living document to assist in the development and alignment of annual plans of achievement for each division within the College, thereby bringing us closer to achieving the College’s mission.

Development & Implementation Timeline

September – October 2017

Leadership Team / Cabinet reviewed current priorities.

November 2017 – January 2018

College-wide Forums are held along with community meetings.

Webpage with online comment form made available to the public through April 2018.

December 2017 – March 2018

Steering Committee: revised mission and vision statements; developed core values;  developed and finalized core objectives for each Strategic Priority.Framing Our Future Logo

Cabinet reviewed plan and provided input throughout.

April 2018

Strategic Planning co-chairs submitted plan to Board of Trustees.

May 2018

Board of Trustees approved plan and release to all stakeholders.