What is a Micro-Credential?

Today’s competitive workforce is in a constant state of evolution. Job descriptions and responsibilities are frequently evaluated, updated and realigned, and new skills are constantly needed to ensure incumbent and new employees can meet the demands of changing industries and technology.  

Micro-credentials address this dynamic through coursework that is dramatically trimmed and strategically designed to focus on specific relevant skills.

How is a Micro-Credential different than a Degree or Certificate program?

Time: Micro-credential programs are just 9 to 15 credit hours and can be earned in as quickly as one semester. (Certificate and associate degree programs range from 30 – 62 credit hours take over one to three years!)

Topic: Because a micro-credential is designed to cover specific skills, you only take courses relevant to your chosen topic. This laser-focus provides you an opportunity to concentrate on the development of a particular skill that adds to your repertoire in a very short period of time.   

Tuition: Like the coursework, the tuition for a micro-credential is trimmed down to just the cost of the course and related books and fees. 

Digital Badge: Micro-credential students earn a digital badge upon completion to highlight core skills and competencies that employers search for on resumes, LinkedIn pages and other social media channels. 

Digital Badge for GCC's Human Resource Management Micro-Credential  Digital Badge for GCC's NYS Coaching Micro-Credential 

Transcripts: Micro-credentials also generate an official college transcript that documents their earned academic credit. 

Transfer: Because micro-credentials result in SUNY academic college credit, this credit is transferable and can be applied toward additional academic degrees in the future: 

  • GCC associate degrees and certificates
  • SUNY to SUNY Pathways and Seamless Transfer programs
  • Through many of GCC’s more than 200 transfer agreements
  • Most colleges and universities nationwide 

Why GCC?

GCC’s commitment to provide education and training resources that support the workforce is routed in the College’s mission statement and strategic plan, and then woven into daily lesson plans and learning objectives. Intellectual and social growth, economic advancement and engaged citizenship are paramount in every new technology, course and innovative program introduced at GCC. Micro-credentialing is among the latest opportunities available. 

Micro-Credentials Available from GCC