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Business and Commerce

Event Planning Micro-Credential

Why Consider an Event Planning Micro-Credential?

Events have become a popular way for businesses to showcase their products and recognize their employees. Events have been an increasingly popular way to bring visitors to an area and even to market products. Planning successful events is a crucial part of business and attracting tourists to an area. Event planning skills:

  • Help us apply the technical skills to ensure the success of an event
  • Lower the risks involved in planning public events
  • Allow us to add valuable skills to our resume
  • Create opportunities for our businesses to grow

Who Should Consider an Event Planning Micro-Credential?

GCC’s Event Planning Micro-credential provides foundational training for those who are:

  • New to the Event Planning, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Fields
  • Currently working in business and want to learn to plan successful events
  • Seeking employment in Event Planning
  • Entrepreneurs seeking skills in event marketing

Learning & Skill Development

The Event Planning Micro-Credential is comprised of three courses: Principles of Event Planning (THM 118), Meeting & Convention Planning (THM 202) and Customer Service Management (BUS 108).Among the topics covered in these three courses are:

  • Contract negotiation strategies
  • Current industry trends
  • Developing creative menus to support an event theme or vibe
  • Identify proper room set-ups and determine appropriate venues that meet event criteria
  • Plan the logistical requirements of an event
  • Develop sponsorship and funding for events
  • Identify risks and create a crowd management plan to minimize risks
  • Identify and develop proper customer service skills required for audience satisfaction
  • Utilize technology and skills to anticipate and manage customer requirements while improving revenue and customer retention

Attention Employers:

Students will use scenarios to develop a plan for real life meetings and events. Anyone interested in starting or advancing their career in Event Management will be encouraged to know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an 8% growth in jobs in the field through 2029, which is higher than average. The salary for jobs in this field is $50,600 annually and the opportunities for travel and career growth are immense.