Instructions for New Students to Register

  1. Click the button labeled 'I Am A New Student: Create Account & Register Online.' It will take you to a page to create an account and register online.
    Screenshot of button labeled 'I am a New Student: Create Account & Register Online'
  2. Create login ID and pin.  Write these down in case you need to log back into the registration process to finish.
  3. Select Application Type: Advanced Studies by choosing 'Advanced Studies' from the drop down menu.
    screenshot from application process, showing drop down labeled 'Application Type' with 'Advanced Studies' selected. Below that is a button labeled 'Continue.'
  4. Select your term and enter your first and last name and then click ‘Fill out Application’.
  5. Complete all 5 categories. When you have finished, a check mark will appear next to each category.
    5 linked categories are listed: Name, First Address and Phone, Personal Information, Parental Information, and High School. A red check mark is displayed before each category to indicate that it has been completed.
    (When filling out your High School information the CEEB code is located on the registration page in your booklet.  If you don’t have the booklet in front of you there is a lookup option, just follow the prompts.  You can also ask your guidance counselor for it.  If you are registering for a class at BOCES input the CEEB code for your home school.)
  6. Click the Application is Complete button.
  7. Read the terms, click ‘I agree to the terms’, and continue.
  8. You have now completed the application part. Click on the CLICK TO REGISTER link.
  9. Read and accept the financial responsibility page.
  10. Select if you receive financial aid and continue.
  11. Select your courses and continue.
  12. On the next screen make sure your classes are correct at the bottom of the page and click continue, the next page is a summary of payment.
  13. Click Pay my Bill at the bottom.