Homeschooled Students

Genesee Community College recognizes the value of a home-based education. Our small classroom environment with extraordinary one-on-one attention ensures homeschooled students receive a quality education that is both affordable and focused on individual success.

GCC and its ACE Program have hundreds of college-level courses for homeschooled students, giving them a robust selection of concurrent enrollment opportunities. ACE enables a homeschooled education in the following ways:

  • Homeschooled students can earn the required 24 college credits to satisfy NYS High School Equivalency Diploma through ACE.
  • Courses are taught at all of GCC’s seven campus locations.
  • Internet savvy, college-ready students can take online courses through GCC’s Office of Online Learning.
  • Courses, such as Environmental Chemistry, can be scheduled at the convenience of several homeschooled families for a targeted group of ten or more students.
  • Students explore and expand their career aspirations through GCC’s Career Center.
  • GCC’s Homeschooled students enjoy using all of the College facilities including the Transfer Center, Library, Fitness Center, computer labs, student clubs and organizations, Student Union, Genesee Center for the Arts, and much more. 

Registering for ACE courses

There are four steps to registering for classes through the ACE Programs office:

  1. Fill out a Homeschool Admissions Application and submit to Angela Tozer in the ACE Programs office
  2. Schedule and take an ATB (ability to benefit) Placement Test
  3. Submit your Homeschool Registration through the ACE Programs office
    Registration Deadlines:
    • FALL – AUGUST 5th
    • SPRING – JANUARY 5th
  4. Submit a Certificate of Residence once each year to avoid double tuition charges