Transfer Information for F-1 Students

The Department of Homeland Security requires that F-1 students complete a "school transfer" when changing to a new school. Your student record in SEVIS will then be released from Genesee Community College and sent to the institution to which you are transferring. You will then be issued a new Form I-20 from the new institution.

  1. Notify the International Student Advisor of your intention to transfer to another institution.
  2. Proof of acceptance to your new institution. Bring a copy of your acceptance letter to the international student advisor's office in the Advisement Center, C222. You must do this in order to be released to your "new" school.
  3. Schedule a "release date" with the International Student Advisor for your F-1 record to be transferred to the new institution. Your new Form I-20 from your new institution cannot be issued until after the release date has been reached (unless you are traveling before reporting to transferring school, in which case talk with your new institution about your travel plans).
  4. Complete the F-1 SEVIS Transfer Request Form and submit it to the International Student Advisor's office (C222) as soon as possible.

Important: If you are completing (or have completed your program of study or Optional Practical Training, you only have a 60-day period following this completion to have your F-1 record transferred to the new institution. Your F-1 student status ends 60 days after you complete your program of study or OPT!

Visit Transfer Services for additional transfer opportunities.