Leadership Certificate Program


The Leadership Certificate Program seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities on campus and in their future careers, communities and families. The mission of this program is embedded in a commitment to developing and enhancing a personal philosophy of leadership, a greater sense of self, an increased ability to relate to others, and deeper understanding of inherent responsibilities of active citizenship. This mission is accomplished through applied use of knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, models, and modern leadership issues through online learning and active engagement in the community.

Program Requirements

The Leadership Certificate program is designed to provide a foundation or introduction to leadership in an online learning format.  All components of the program are available within the Leadership Certificate Program Blackboard organization, however, in person workshops may also be offered throughout the semester.  This baseline program is comprised of four (4) modules that should take, at a maximum, 15-20 hours to complete.  To earn the certificate, below are the requirements needed to be met:

Module 1: Leadership Foundations

In this section, students will explore historical perspectives on leaders, leadership, and leadership development through a variety of theories and models.  Additionally,  students will identify and examine different leadership types and styles. 

Module 2: Self Exploration

Through a number of assessment tools and identification of personal values and leadership style, students will develop a personal philosophy of leadership.

Module 3:  Leading with Others

We will focus on identifying how to work collaboratively with those who have similar or different styles and philosophies of leadership, how to manage conflict constructively, and exploration of how identities influence leadership.

Module 4: Active Citizenship

This will be an opportunity to explore the community surrounding GCC and identify how passion can spark action.



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