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All GCC Student Clubs and Organizations

90.7 WGCC Radio

Advisor: Barry Chow

90.7FM is an FCC-licensed radio station, exclusively run by students at GCC. Students get hands-on experience in broadcasting, as the management, DJs, and promotions staff. 90.7FM carries a wide variety of music programming, talk shows, and GCC sports, and hosts many activities and events on campus.

Alpha Epsilon Gamma (AEG)

Advisor: TBA

A service organization dedicated to promoting service, sisterhood, and love. AEG develops character for a lifetime.

Art Club

Advisors: Moi Dugan and Heather Jones 

To create opportunities for students to be exposed to professional artists and their works, and to explore other art avenues to help in deciding career paths. 

This club is inactive for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Business Forum

Advisor: Donna Ehrhart and Laura Taylor

Provides students with opportunities to network and develop contacts critical to professional success. Any student interested in a business career will benefit from participating in events and trips to major business centers. 

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Advisors: Miguel Baique

CAB provides the majority of the social and cultural programs at GCC. They sponsor a number activities, entertainers, lecturers, and performing artists as well as spectacular events and student travel programs. 

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CEO Club

Advisor: Amy Conley and Lina LaMattina

CEO Club seeks to inform and inspire entrepreneurship within all GCC students. Students experience how to lead and ensure business success through event planning, field trips, and other networking opportunities.

Christian Students United (CSU)

Advisor: Mark Siena, Mariann Fleming & Kari Heidemann 

CSU Club is a nondenominational student organization where students can find strength through Christian fellowship, activities and events.


Advisor: Shawn Adamson

The purpose of the organization is to share an appreciation for all types of cinema, and develop and practice skills in film analysis through discussion. In addition, club members may share movie reviews and news with one another, attend on/off campus screenings, and celebrate all things cinematic. 

Computer Repair Club

Advisors: James Bucki and Robert Swinarski, Jr.

From video games to career shadowing, the Computer Repair Club at Genesee Community College gives students a hands-on opportunity to share their interest in technology with fellow students, faculty and community members.  The Computer Repair Clinics for faculty, staff and students.  All levels of skill and interest welcome.

Cougarettes (Dance Team)

Advisor: Anita Strollo and Tara Pocock

Promotes and upholds school spirit through performances at college and community events. Develops a sense of good sportsmanship, provides entertainment, supports athletic teams, and develops a positive relationship within the college community.

Creative Writing Club

Advisors: Shawn Adamson and Jessica Scheuerman 

Highlights the creativity that exists at GCC. Students work to explore their imaginations and utilize writing as a form of expression.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisors: Jay Bushen and Karen Wicka

Heightens the interest and awareness of issues in and relating to the field of Criminal Justice.

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

Advisors: Donna Ehrhart and Laura Taylor

GCC's DECA Club is part of a national organization for students interested in pursuing a career in business, marketing, or fashion retailing. The club exposes students to various career skills and activities through field trips and the annual College Fashion Show.

Education Club

Advisors: Jodi Harvey

This club encourages and provides peer interaction, career preparation, and leadership opportunities to future educators.


Advisors: Shawn Adamson and Dave Johnson 

The GCC eSports Club is open to all GCC students with an interest in video games. Whether they wish to play competitively or casually, students belonging to the club enter into a supportive community of gamers with a shared passion for all things video games. Students are connected to each other through a shared Discord server, which allows them to share their experiences, organize tournaments and other events, or find teammates to play with or against online. Members of the club also enjoy access to school-provided resources, allowing them to play on-campus throughout the day. Whether video games are your hobby, your passion, or even a future career, the GCC eSports club is for you

Film Club

Advisor: Barry Chow

Film Club welcomes all students to participate; for communications students, they will have the opportunity to practice what they learn from production classes, for others, they can be involved in digital film making as producers, writers, actors and more.

Forum Players Theater Company

Advisor: Maryanne Arena

The theatrical organization of GCC. Students have an opportunity to experience acting and producing in a dramatic setting. Forum players produce several shows a year. Students can also compete at the American College Theatre Festival, and go on professional auditions.

History Club

Advisor: Dereck Maxfield

This club was established to serve as a forum for students who enjoy history to share their interests, to promote an appreciation of history, to explore careers in history and to visit historic sites.

Human Services Club

Advisor: James Myers and Kari Heidemann

This club offers a place for Human Services majors or people who are interested in Human Services to help those in the community in need to overcome obstacles in order to pursue a satisfying life.

International Student Organization (ISO)

Advisors: Jenny Weatherall

Assists GCC's international students in making the transition into a new environment but is open for anyone to join! The group promotes cultural awareness, while serving as a support network for the educational and social development of foreign students.