Advisor Information

Purpose of an Advisor

Advisors are needed to help provide leadership and direction to Student Groups.  Advisors are Student Engagement & Inclision liaisons to student groups for the purposes of disseminating information and ensuring all policies and procedures are followed.  Additionally, advisors should provide guidance and resources to aid in the students’ leadership and personal development.

Selection of an Advisor

It is the responsibility of the students to find and secure a club advisor.  Primary advisors must be an employee of Genesee Community College; administrators, faculty or staff members may serve.  Each faculty/staff member is permitted to advise no more than two (2) clubs at any given time.  Once a Primary Advisor has been selected, the advisor must sign and return the “Advisor Agreement” form to the Office of Student Engagement & Inclusion.

Role of the Primary Advisor

  1. Is responsible for being familiar with all Student Engagement & Inclusion/Student Government Association policies and procedures related to Student Groups as well as all College policies related to Student Groups.
  2. Should assist the group in developing realistic goals for the academic year.
  3. Provide advice and guidance to the group when planning programs, events and activities.
  4. Should attend all group meetings.
  5. Must sign all Claim Vouchers and submit them to the Office of Student Engagement & Inclusion.  In the event a Claim Voucher is for a cash advance, the advisor is responsible for collecting and returning any and all receipts and change to the Business Office.
  6. Is responsible for reserving space on campus  for club meetings and/or events.
  7. Must be present if the club or organization is holding an on campus event after regular business hours.
  8. Attend training once per semester provided by the Student Activities office.

Club Mentor

A secondary advisor (will be referred to as a “Club Mentor” herein) may also be selected by the students.  Club Mentors may come from the local community and are seen as an added resource for an organization.  Mentors that are not employed by GCC must sign a Volunteer Waiver in the Office of Student Engagement & Inclusion and is subject to approval by the Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion.  The Volunteer Waiver will detail the scope of the duties and responsibilities of the position, start and end date as well as time commitment.  Volunteer Waiver  must be resigned on a yearly basis.

Role of a Club Mentor

Club Mentors may coordinate with the Primary Advisor to manage club activities; however they are not permitted to sign off on any official College documents or paperwork (i.e. Claim Vouchers, Travel documents, etc.).