Student Group Travel

Student groups are encouraged to enhance their group development and the development of individual members through travel to conferences, art shows, group team building, etc.

Number: 308D

Student Government Association (SGA) budgets may contain provisions for trips. A trip is defined as a group planned educational experience which is sponsored by the SGA and necessitates the students leaving the campus.

To implement a trip, Advisors will submit a Trip Request Form to the Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion for approval at least one week in advance of the trip. Following approval by the Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion, the Trip Request Form is to be submitted to the AVP of SEI for approval and is also required at least one week in advance of the trip. Copies of the signed form and list of participants and emergency contacts will be given to the Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion, the Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement & Inclusion, and Campus Safety.

Any trip involving Out-of-State or International travel will also require the approval of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services and the President of the College.

In general, trips which require students to be absent from classes should be limited to one per term. Participation in trips should be limited to registered students unless prior permission has been received from the Advisor and the Director of Student Engagement & Inclusion.

If a GCCA van is to be utilized for the field trip, the driver(s) must be on the approved driver list maintained in College Services and all procedures pursuant to Procedure #128 regarding the use of these vehicles must be followed.


If a student uses his/her own automobile for school related travel, they are responsible for carrying an automobile insurance policy.

If a student should have an accident while driving their personal vehicle for school-related purposes, their insurance would be the primary paying agent. 


  • Student groups attending conferences must submit the “Conference Submission Form” to  sa@genesee.edu within 14 business days of return from the trip.
  • Student groups requesting additional travel funds in excess of $1000 (not originally requested through the budget process) must fundraise at least 20% of the total expenses;  at least 10% must be deposited in the group’s 100 account at least 60 days in advance of departure along with a formal funding request  submitted to SGA.  SGA will then present the funding request to the GCCA for consideration.  The remaining 10% fundraised dollars must be deposited prior to the meeting at which the request is on the GCCA agenda.