College Catalog

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Student Support & Information

Student success is a dynamic undercurrent across all departments at GCC. As the staff at the Center for Academic Progress (CAP) assist students through free tutoring and testing services, students can find further assistance outside of their classroom interests at the Career, Counseling and Health Centers.

Students who are parents with younger children under the age of 5 find GCC’s Child Care Center a comforting, safe place for their children as they study their coursework.

Learn about College Village, adjacent to the Batavia Campus, which provides more than 450 full-time GCC students with a ‘home away from home.’ The Campus Bookstore and Dining facilities are also available at the Batavia Campus.

The important Student Handbook will help you understand your rights and what is expected of you at GCC.

Information is also available about Campus Safety, obtaining a Certificate of Residence, Filing a Complaint, and GCC's Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination policies.