Services Provided by Campus Safety

The Campus Safety department at Genesee Community College in Batavia offers many services to students, faculty, staff and the entire College community.

Escort Service

Campus Safety will escort you to your vehicle upon request. Students are encouraged to stop at the Campus Safety office (B118) before class if you wish to use an escort, so an officer will be available. If an officer cannot be found, go to the switchboard and the operator will assist in locating an officer.

Vehicle Assistance

Campus Safety will provide jump starts and other vehicle assistance services as needed once the owner of the vehicle provides proper identification.

Emergency Message

If an emergency exists concerning an individual, notification may be left at the Campus Safety office via phone or in person. The officer will do his or her best to locate the individual. Please note, a class can only be interrupted if the message is a true emergency.

First Aid

Campus Safety will provide first aid during the day and evening hours when the College's Health Services office is closed.

Lost and Found Items

Lost items are generally turned in to the Campus Safety office. If you lose something, check with the officer on duty several times because items are turned in frequently throughout the day by both students and employees. Lost items are kept for 30-90 days depending on value then disposed of.

Parking Policy and Procedures

Parking is free at Genesee Community College. However, all students, faculty, and staff must obtain a parking sticker at the Campus Safety office, and display it in the rear driver's side window of their vehicle. In the event of an emergency involving a vehicle, the stickers help security to identify the owner. Parking is free for visitors, too. However, all visitors should sign the guest book at the information desk to the left inside of the main entrance on the Batavia Campus.

Student Safety Patrol (SSP)

The objectives of the new Student Safety Patrol (SSP) are to enhance the level of security patrol presence, particularly in campus buildings, and ensure a high level of personal safety for those working, studying, or living on or near the campus. In addition, SSP provides an opportunity for volunteer duties for Criminal Justice students who have a career interest in law enforcement, campus safety, or security. The Student Safety Patrol also assists the college Campus Safety staff to achieve their operational objectives and target special security and safety needs.

Students become eligible for the program when they complete the NYS Security Guard training course. The security guard training is offered several times a year through the College's BEST Center. Students who enroll in CRJ120: Intro to Security also receive the training. To register for the NYS Security Guard training course visit The BEST Center.

Student Safety Patrollers augment Campus Safety services by performing the following light security details (non-police functions) in and around the College:

  • Patrol all campus buildings as a visible deterrent and community resource
  • Assist as directed during critical incidents, at Campus Safety's discretion
  • Observe and report any suspicious/criminal activity observed on patrol
  • Perform customer service duties when required
  • Audits of campus lighting, emergency phones, access card systems
  • Fire safety equipment checks
  • Assist with control of vehicle/pedestrian traffic during events
  • Safe-walk (escort) service provided as requested
  • Perform the receptionist function in Campus Safety as assigned
  • Other non-law enforcement duties as assigned.

For further information or to join the SSP program, contact Barry Garigen, Criminal Justice professor at Genesee, at 585-343-0055 x6307 or bigarigen@genesee.edu.