Protecting Yourself: Student Safety Information

The information below will be helpful to you in the unlikely event of a campus emergency.                                  

  • The phone number for Campus Safety is 345-6500 from an outside line.  Call extension 6500 from an internal phone line.  Please add this phone number in your cell contacts.
  • Know at least 2 routes for evacuation from any room that you are in. 

Emergency Plan Language

  • A LOCKDOWN means a threat is imminent. All exterior doors will be locked and you are asked to seek shelter behind a locked door.  Leave lights and window coverings as they are.  If your room has windows you are asked to stay out of the line of sight.
  • A LOCKOUT means something on the exterior of the building is taking place.  The exterior doors will be locked but unless otherwise instructed business as usual can be conducted on the inside.  Any outside student activities will be brought indoors.
  • A SHELTER IN PLACE means keeping the population at a safe location within the building.  This may mean staying where you are or being moved to a safe area.
  • An EVACUATION order means to exit the building in an orderly fashion to a predetermined location.  Discuss with your class where your meeting spot is.  

Communication Plan

All students & staff are encouraged to sign up for GC3, a Genesee Community College mass notification system.  You can receive updates via text or cell.  During an emergency we can push out vital emergency information that may help increase your safety during an event. 

Link to instructions to sign up for GC3 can be found by following this link: http://www.genesee.edu/home/support/gcc-connect/how-to-register

To sign up, go to: https://sunygcc.bbcportal.com/

Protecting Yourself

Hostile Intruder in Academic, Administrative or Residence Building

You have several choices; this video shows you how to best protect yourself and others:

SUNY New Paltz Student Safety video.