Promote Your Event

GCC has a wide variety of ways to promote campus events. For a more detailed description of marketing an event or newsworthy piece through MarCom, please see pages 47- 49 of the Branding Manual.

To promote your event through the MarCom department's Press Releases, please remember the following:

  • Understand the "five W's" (Who, What Where, Why, When) and include this information.
  • Time, date, location, title, contact information, cost for attendees, general description and uniqueness of event.
  • Adequate notice to the MarCom office is required. Six weeks is recommended.
  • Photos of the event make a Press Release more appealing.
  • Our writers benefit from other links, videos, quotes, or outside information to assist in their understanding of the event in order to better describe your event to editors.

If you’d like to request a Press Release or other MarCom services, complete the MarCom Request Form.

MarCom distributes press releases to a number of publications in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming counties, as well as in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. If you would like your press release sent to a specific publication outside of these regions, please specify in your press release request.

You can also promote your event in the following ways:

Bulletin Boards at Batavia Campus/ Campus Centers / College Village

  • Pros: Easy to generate paper flyers.
  • Cons: Need multiple copies for bulletin boards all over various campus sites.

How to:

Batavia Campus
  • All flyers must be approved, stamped & posted by the Student Activities Office.
  • Please review the Flyer Guidelines before submitting your flyer, as flyers that fail to meet these guidelines will be removed nightly from the Bulletin Boards.
College Village
  • Flyers can be sent directly to College Village through inner office mail.
  • They will accept 114 - 1/2 page flyers which will be put on resident doors.
  • Contact College Village directly at (585) 343-0163 with any questions.
Campus Centers
  • Send 2 copies each for all six campus centers via Intercampus mail - Size: 8 ½ x 11”.

Forum Banners

  • Pros: Read by anyone in the Forum.
  • Cons: Banner must be produced off campus and funded by the individual department, permission to hang should be received through Buildings and Grounds before ordering a banner.

How to:

  1. Process a work order with Buildings and Grounds before hanging.
  2. Process a work order with Buildings and Grounds to be taken down.

myGCC – Current Events Module

  • Pros: Seen by current myGCC users
  • Cons: Users have to be logged into myGCC; not on every page

How to:

  1. This is from the Events Calendar; your event must already be on the calendar to appear here.

myGCC – Internal (Campus/Personal Announcements)

  • Pros: Can ‘target’ announcements to specific subgroups, very specific subgroups can be created, can include extended text.
  • Cons: Reader must log in to see the announcement, when there are too many announcements, they ‘blur’ together

How to:

  1. Contact Mary Jane Heider (mjheider@genesee.edu) with your intended posting.
  2. For anyone with only occasional postings, create a Help Desk call that includes your edited text.

Marquee (Roadside Video Sign Board)

  • Pros: Everyone sees it when they come to campus.
  • Cons: Extremely limited text, (10) words or less, not easy to read especially if traffic is moving.

How to:

  1. Complete the request form.

Stall Wall

  • Pros: Read by anyone using a bathroom stall.
  • Cons: Monthly publication, used solely by the  Business Office for general Business process information, not used for general event announcements.

How to:

  1. Contact the Business Office for more information.

Video Displays

  • Pros: Large screens are easy to see to anyone in the Tech Building.
  • Cons: These screens are only in the Tech Building, do not connect to campus centers.

How to:

  1. Create a PowerPoint slide with your information. Recommended 20 or fewer words (your display is only visible for 8 seconds)
  2. Save your slide as a .jpg file.
  3. Email media@genesee.edu with the slide, as well as the start and stop dates to be shown (maximum of one month).

Website Calendar

  • Pros: Publicly available on the external website, user can subscribe to the calendar.
  • Cons: Reader must go to the calendar, text only.

How to:

  1. Contact the office in which your event "falls" (Records, Student Activities, Theatre, Art Gallery, Library, MarCom).
  2. Create a Help Desk call for an event, including all the information and edited text.