Online Learning

Genesee Community College provides both live and time/place independent learning opportunities for students who wish to extend study beyond conventional classroom-based courses, speed their progress toward degree completion, or complete a Genesee program online. Numerous Genesee Community College courses, degrees, and certificate programs can be earned fully online.

Genesee’s online courses are equivalent to conventional courses in academic rigor and transferability, but with greater flexibility. Instead of attending on-campus classes, students use a mix of learning resources which may include online access to digital course materials, textbooks, printed study guides, field assignments, exams, online discussions, papers, projects, labs, presentations, video lectures, or review sessions. Interaction with instructors and other students occurs via the internet, telephone, and/or videoconferencing.

Genesee Community College’s online courses are ideally suited for learners who work well independently and can effectively budget time and priorities. Online learning students juggle busy schedules and combine college studies with careers and families, and may be perfect for those learners who cannot easily get to a Genesee location. Thousands of students earned college credit last year through online courses. Get started TODAY!

For more information about online learning at Genesee Community College contact the Online Learning Office:

  • Location: Room T148 (First floor, Conable Technology Building, Batavia)
  • Phone: 585-345-6969
  • Fax: 585-343-0433
  • Email: GCCOnline@genesee.edu

Office Staff: