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Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Program is a fully federally funded program designed to give students extra assistance throughout their academic career. The goal of the program is to help a greater number of participants graduate and/or continue on for a baccalaureate degree. The Student Support Services Offices is on the 2nd Floor, Batavia Campus, Room D208.

Services Offered to Participants:

  • Academic - including: tutoring, help developing better study skills and learning strategies, supplemental workshops, help with course selection, and more.
  • Financial - including: program scholarships, assistance finding other campus and outside scholarships, help with aid applications and understanding available aid, help understanding your finances and budgeting assistance.
  • Transfer - including: visits to 4-year campuses, assistance in completing applications, and help finding aid at the four-year institution.
  • Other - including: help in choosing a career program, access to academic equipment and media, and the ability to participate in no-cost cultural activities. 

Who Qualifies:

Students must apply and be accepted to the Student Support Services Program before using program services.  The program accepts 250 students each year.  Contact program staff for an application and/or more information about qualifying for the program.