Please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) GCC Response Information for details on current operations.

Testing Center

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we are currently testing remotely using Zoom. All proctoring services are by appointment and available for currently enrolled and prospective students only at this time. All communications are done through testing@genesee.edu. We ask all the testers to do the best they can to keep their appointment. If they must cancel it, they need to give us 24-hours notice.

The Testing Center is available for:

  • Placement testing
  • Accommodated testing

Testing Center Rules and Requirements

  • We ask all the testers to arrive at the center 10 minutes prior to their appointment.Photo ID is required for all tests.
  • For your protection, photo ID is required for all tests.
  • The testers must keep social distancing while waiting. The staff signal students when they enter/leave.

  • Everyone entering the Testing Center has to wear a mask and must wear it for the duration of their time in our office. Staff also have to wear a face shield at all times unless alone in their office.

  • Only necessary items are allowed to bring in when to take the test (Photo ID and permitted items for the exam) to minimize our check-in process and any physical contact.

  • Scratch paper is provided and must be turned in with your test.

  • No earphones may be worn in the testing area.
  • No earphones may be worn in the testing area.

  • No drinks or food allowed in the Testing Area.

  • Students cannot have their hoods up during a test.

  • No jackets or hats are to be worn while taking a test.

  • The desks, chairs and keyboards are cleaned after every use.

NOTE: We ask each student to bring their own headset/earphone (when to use a reader) and pens/pencils. Scratch papers and disposable ear plugs are available at the center.